What am I? Scandinavian or African? Can I be both at the same time? After many conversations with my grandfather in Congo his jokes about my identity spurred me to question how my heritage and adopted country interact, and how I could combine that to create something new.”

– Founder, Bongana Monga

"It was these conversations which prompted us to create a high end, minimalistic watch that pays homage to African heritage."

– Bifuko Designing Team


Unisex watches

Swiss craftsmanship, Scandinavian minimalism, African colours and decorations, is the recipe for our unisex watch collection.

Swiss Ronda

In order to deliver a watch that will run for years, we teamed up with the well-known watchmaker Swiss Ronda, and our timepieces are powered with Ronda 705  and with a five years warranty.

Our giving back program

We at Bifuko believe in excellent design quality in material, fair prices and giving back. We created a giving back program because we feel have seen one too many times how brands and artists take from ethnic groups without giving back. Bifuko wants not only to be an example, but also to normalize giving back to those you have been inspired by as a norm and proper manner of respect.