Bongana’s Grandfather’s name, “Bifuko”, means “to be covered”, a concept which in basic sense relates directly to accessories and clothing. 
However, in a broader sense, we hope to personalize this idea and ask where they come from, 
and the various influences they have experienced in life with what clothing accessories they cover themselves with everyday. 
For us, this intersection is specifically between Scandinavia and Africa – two vast areas which share distinctive styles. 
We hope to create a unique, stand-out product using the experiences of our founder,
Bongana, as a template to draw attention towards the fact that we are all unique, and our style should be too.  Ayo, silver
Amani in silver

A vibrant blended design gathering Africans’ vast diversity into one time piece -  with a touch of minimalistic Scandinavian design.
With the intention to bring Africa together as a whole, we build a bridge where Africa meets Scandinavian design with Africa x Scandinavia. 
We have ingrained several different symbols from different tribes and cultures in one time piece.  
From the Pyramids in Egypt and Sudan, to spires of Masai and Zulu. 
Painted with the beloved Pan-African colors - red, yellow, black and green. 
The African Heritage collection comes in two designs, Amani and AYO. 
Amani means peace and harmony in Swahili. AYO implies joy in Yoruba of Nigeria. 
With this collection we want to celebrate and build fellowship between African nations as one. 

Three dial generation
Our watches come with three dials, mainly representing three generations. 
History of past and foundation of the present
We have our ancestors, representing the past, history and culture that we come from. 
Secondly, we have our parents’ generation, representing the link between our culture and how they pass on to the coming generation.
The optimistic future – the first in line to explore the future 
At last we have the generation living now, the generation that builds bridges and innovate with their culture and ancestors in mind. 
With these three dials we implicate a reminder of the importance of interactions, representing how our present and future hinge on our past.